Friday, April 16, 2010

I Don't Want To Pay For It

Sometimes I do things that don't make any since. I was in Vegas, had gotten there early, several days early, for my annual convention trip. I woke up, grabbed some of the cards I was given on the strip the night before, called the number, asked how much it was to have a girl come to my room, called another card, the girl said it was the same company i had just called. I had no clue all the cards go to the same company, anyway, she lowered the agency fee down to $100 for me, but couldn't tell me how much I needed for the girl. I told her I was going to the ATM. I called her back as soon as i got back to my room. I gave her my room information. She told me she was going to call me on my room phone to verify I was there and then she would send the girl, it would take about 20 min. for her to arrive. I left my room. I didn't go back for at least 3 hrs. I didn't cancel, I just left my room. About 25 min after I left my room a strange 702 number started calling me on my cell phone, I didn't answer, they left a vm that let me know the girl was standing outside my room, knocking on my door, calling my room phone, but was not getting an answer. WHY? They asked?
I got another call from the same number a few minutes later saying that my room was going to be charged $200. $100 for the company and $100 for the girl for wasting her time. She also said that the "no obligation" part of her pitch, when I first called, did not apply if I didn't answer my door, it only applied if I opened the door and didn't like the girl she sent me. Because I bailed out without canceling the girl they charged my room, $200. It was due when I checked out of the hotel. I couldn't even fight it. Our phone call had been taped and recorded just for that purpose. I honestly don't know why I left the room. I did want to have fun with a hottie in LV. I didn't want to pay for it and NOT get it, that's for sure.

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