Friday, April 16, 2010

I Don't Want To Pay For It

Sometimes I do things that don't make any since. I was in Vegas, had gotten there early, several days early, for my annual convention trip. I woke up, grabbed some of the cards I was given on the strip the night before, called the number, asked how much it was to have a girl come to my room, called another card, the girl said it was the same company i had just called. I had no clue all the cards go to the same company, anyway, she lowered the agency fee down to $100 for me, but couldn't tell me how much I needed for the girl. I told her I was going to the ATM. I called her back as soon as i got back to my room. I gave her my room information. She told me she was going to call me on my room phone to verify I was there and then she would send the girl, it would take about 20 min. for her to arrive. I left my room. I didn't go back for at least 3 hrs. I didn't cancel, I just left my room. About 25 min after I left my room a strange 702 number started calling me on my cell phone, I didn't answer, they left a vm that let me know the girl was standing outside my room, knocking on my door, calling my room phone, but was not getting an answer. WHY? They asked?
I got another call from the same number a few minutes later saying that my room was going to be charged $200. $100 for the company and $100 for the girl for wasting her time. She also said that the "no obligation" part of her pitch, when I first called, did not apply if I didn't answer my door, it only applied if I opened the door and didn't like the girl she sent me. Because I bailed out without canceling the girl they charged my room, $200. It was due when I checked out of the hotel. I couldn't even fight it. Our phone call had been taped and recorded just for that purpose. I honestly don't know why I left the room. I did want to have fun with a hottie in LV. I didn't want to pay for it and NOT get it, that's for sure.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bring Secret Money To Vegas For Escorts

What do you do when you have spent WAY too much money while on a business trip to Vegas? It wasn't spent on gambling or seeing the shows, it was spent on escorts, and lots of them. My wife is gonna kill me when she see's how much i took off the credit cards while i was gone on a business trip. I guess i could say i got caught up at one of the tables, was winning then lost, then withdrew a lot to try and win it back - can't tell her I saw three different Las Vegas escorts. I think she will believe me..... I could tell her I bought some pricey Christmas gifts, but then I will have to produce them. I can act like my credit cards were stolen, thou i really don't want to go through all that. Fuck! I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I will figure it all out, hopefully before I get back home and the bill comes. lol NOT FUNNY!