Sunday, July 26, 2009

Your Las Vegas Awaits

While private entertainment usually plays a big role in an escorts work, not all clients hire escorts for private entertainment. Some simply do so either for social reasons (for example attending a party) or for companionship (for example someone who feels lonely may hire a girl to provide companionship missing in his or her life). Other call girls may specialize in domination, or other fetishes which don't require intimate activity. Whatever it is you are looking for they can provide it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stockings Are So Fucking Hot

You might be thinking, Now, wait a second, this sounds like nothing more than one man’s personal preference.

To that I offer you exhibit A, my friend James*: “When an escort wears fishnets, it’s like she’s banging you over the head with ‘notice my legs,’ ” he says. “Believe me, a short skirt works just fine.”

Unless you are both French and a maid, no holey tights, please!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mister Can I Get A Cab To The Cathouse ?

The last time I went to the Nevada Brothel was in November of 2006, and I can tell you that they're really concerned about the future of their business. I had a taxi driver take me to one, on the way to the brothel, I talked to the driver, and he expressed some concern about the competition the brothel faced from independent escorts and agencies. He said if your visiting Vegas and want some fun you have to come a long way to find it legally, not to mention how expensive it is if you don't have your own transportation.
The fares he and other taxi drivers get to go to the Brothels has slowed down tremendously.