Friday, September 11, 2009

Blow Everyone Away

I attended my 10 year reunion in Vegas last month and wanted to walk through the doors of the place with the hottest female in Sin City. Prior to me arriving in Las Vegas I contacted one of the Vegas escort directories on the web. They helped me set everything up for us to meet before the reunion in my hotel room. We went over who she was supposed to be, how long we have know each other and all that. We went to the dinner and blew everyone away, EVERYONE!

I Still Care About Freedom

Are you concerned with the rights of the adult industry, rights to make sure we are able to continue to be able to get the handouts on the Las Vegas Strip with the escorts on them or the websites that I love so much?
Yes! And everyone else who cares about freedom of expression should be, too!
It may start with the more “obscene” (and who the hell decides what’s obscene and what’s not, anyway?!) things, like porn, but it will snowball into violating everyone’s rights!
I enjoy being able to decide for myself about escorts and places like Las Vegas and I intend to continue doing it. The government continuing to encroach on the rights of the adult industry to produce their work would make that very difficult, to say the least. So yes, we should be concerned for our rights.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do Gentlemen Prefer Drunken Blonde Escorts ?

Which women are more attractive to man? With the aim of who are good, simple and friendly or junior versa impregnable, inaccessible and complicated? There are like chalk and cheese ideas, theories about this probe from "gentlemen prefer drunken blond escorts" till "girl should be strong, like throttlehold, fort".
Once winning a time four somewhat prominent psychologists talk about changes, boons and negative amounts of Londonous escorts and inaccessible girls. The focal point was that attractive and stylish, gorgeous escorts are not so important for man. It's an easy booty; in company such a ladie can be shocking stupid and not interesting to people. In addition, you cannot be solid that girl will not go with an extra gentleman.
An unconquerable escort is a ideal of every versifier. When a guy expends a lot of time for complete a girls, when it is long, hard and not an simple fight with shades of other entrants, he will be lucky to be with such a brainy, clever lady and particular her every mans life.
Psychologists sure to manage no option but to give somebody the job of a trivial experimentation. They asked five elite escorts of London to enlighten their stable, permanent customers that they are forecast to go to the Academic world for improving their realization; as a result they have be more discerning and are even not skilled to have meetings with the whole their companion.
The findings were unsuccessful, regrettable and depressed for call-girls. All five users have never called up again to those cohorts. Guys were not out of the ordinary in successful and learned escorts.
After this conduct experiment scientists fixed to stop the research. So, still now we are not certain which girls are more attractive and desirable to men?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nothing Short Of Perfect

The sight of the escort wearing nothing but her shoes is so hot that all a man can say when he sees her is DAMN!! There is no girl anywhere on Earth that can look this hot by not doing anything but just standing there. She was without a doubt the sexiest girl on the planet and her body is nothing short of perfect. Oh the things we’d all like to do to that beautiful body. I guess we’ll just have to settle for seeing it in photos until I come back. Thankfully that’s what she’s in Vegas for.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Your Las Vegas Awaits

While private entertainment usually plays a big role in an escorts work, not all clients hire escorts for private entertainment. Some simply do so either for social reasons (for example attending a party) or for companionship (for example someone who feels lonely may hire a girl to provide companionship missing in his or her life). Other call girls may specialize in domination, or other fetishes which don't require intimate activity. Whatever it is you are looking for they can provide it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stockings Are So Fucking Hot

You might be thinking, Now, wait a second, this sounds like nothing more than one man’s personal preference.

To that I offer you exhibit A, my friend James*: “When an escort wears fishnets, it’s like she’s banging you over the head with ‘notice my legs,’ ” he says. “Believe me, a short skirt works just fine.”

Unless you are both French and a maid, no holey tights, please!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mister Can I Get A Cab To The Cathouse ?

The last time I went to the Nevada Brothel was in November of 2006, and I can tell you that they're really concerned about the future of their business. I had a taxi driver take me to one, on the way to the brothel, I talked to the driver, and he expressed some concern about the competition the brothel faced from independent escorts and agencies. He said if your visiting Vegas and want some fun you have to come a long way to find it legally, not to mention how expensive it is if you don't have your own transportation.
The fares he and other taxi drivers get to go to the Brothels has slowed down tremendously.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Las Vegas Is Best Of The Rest

In New York, New Orleans and Miami you have to know someone to find an after hour’s club open until the wee hours. In Las Vegas the clubs and the real fun are just starting to heat up at 4 a.m. The elite clubs, like Tao at the Venetian, Pure at Casears, Jet at the Mirage, the Bank at the Bellagio and Prive at Planet Hollywood are magnets for Hollywood’s new brat pack celebs and regulars include Paris Hilton, Britney (one name is enough), Lindsay Lohan, 50 cent and a whole bunch of athletes in their off-season.

And it seems like every club has a resident or guest DJ who someone must know by name or else they wouldn’t be getting a ton of cash to spin the tunes. But here’s a tip—the action doesn’t get started until at least midnight so be fashionably late and it also helps to know someone at the door so you don’t have to wait in line for two hours just to get your foot in the door. The d├ęcor of almost every club is dark, intimate, sensual and tempting. The music is loud and will have your ears throbbing for days but it’s something you might want to experience just to say you did it.

And you can also have a gorgeous selection of Las Vegas escorts all to yourself in the solitude of your own hotel room or suite instead of sharing them with a roomful of groping drunks at a “gentleman’s club”. And you won’t have to stuff bills in a Vegas escorts g-string to get them to dance. They’ll dance for you, strip for you (totally nude) and show you places you didn’t even know she had places with little or no provocation. They are real from head to toe and at your beck and call.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What Happens In Vegas Nobody Remembers

Funny the little quips and sayings that pop up around Vegas. "Your Vegas Is Showing", what the hell does that mean anyway? Are they saying my dirty parts are showing? How about, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"? Who the hell are they kidding? I have lived in Vegas for 10 years and have yet to meet anyone who remembers even being in Vegas. And trust me, we all talk about you long after you've gone so make it a good one because we spread this shit around.